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Contest Rules:
Prize shown above may not be actual bouquet given as a prize.
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The drawing winner will be posted on the free flower drawing web page.
Winners will be given a period of 90 days starting from the day the winner was announced to claim their prize.
Drawing winners are not eligible to win another drawing for a 6 month period starting from the day they were announced winners.
April 2018 Winner is Anne K. of Braintree
March 2018 Winner is Kathleen P. of Norwell
January 2018 Sue P. of Halifax, MA
December 2018 Laura M. of Norwell, MA
November 2017 Patricia S. of Marshfield, MA
October 2017 Bill W. of Bridgewater, MA
September 2017 Nancy D. of Plymouth
August 2017 Alice N. of Randolph, MA
July 2017 Roberta I. of Whitman
June 2017 - Larry S. of Weymouth
May 2017 - Steve W. of Hanover
April 2017 - Carolyn L. of Abington
March 2017 - Michael W. of Rockland
Feb 2017 - Daniel M. of Hanover
Jan 2017 - Mark O. of Randolph
Dec 2016 - Sharon M. of Whitman
November - Patrick S. of Weymouth
September - Patty W. of Weymouth
August - Peter H. of Holbrokk
July - Steven P. of Abington
June - Marcia P. of Quincy
May - Mary F of Holbrook, MA.
April - Kathleen H of Abington
March - June P. of Brockton
February - Paul P. of Pembroke
January - Robert F. of Brockton
December - James G. of Abington, MA
November - Adam R. of Brockton
October - Harry C. of Abington
September - Scott P. of Weymouth
August - Frederick S.
July - David M. of Norwell
June - Claire F. of Rockland, MA
May - Ellen D. of Abington, MA
April - George D. of Abington, MA
March 2015 Winner is Kathy H. of Rockland
February 2015 Winner is Kenny B. of Hanover
January 2015 Winner is Sandy H. of E. Weymouth
December 2014 Winner is Pearl A. of Abington
November 2014 Winner is Diane M. of Abington
October 2014 Winner is P. Murphy of Rockland
September 2014 Winner is Michael B. of Brockton
August 2014 Winner is Jennifer W. of Bridgewater
July 2014 Winner is Donald S. of Holbrook, MA
June 2014 Winner is Andrea L. of Pembroke, MA
May 2014 Winner is Eric D. of Hanson
April 2014 Winner is Nancy C. of Hanson
March 2014 Winner is Lori-Ann O. of Weymouth - big bunch
February 2014 Winner is Lou W. of Abington - a dozen roses
January 2014 Winner is Sandy H. of E. Weymouth - Free $50.00 gift certificate
December 2013 Winner is Robert L of Abington - Thomas Kincade Starry Night Bouquet
November 2013 Winner is Dennis G. of Rockland!
October 2013 Winner is Lori L. of Rockland
September 2013 Winner is Rikki C. of Abington
August 2013 Winner is Stephanie B. of Abingtonn
July 2013 Winner is Laura M. of Hanson
June 2013 Winner is Joseph B. of Rockland
May 2013 Winner is Andrew S. of Abington!!
April 2013 Winner is Sara G. of Bridgewater
March 2013 Winner is Zachary D. of Whitman!!
January 2013 Winner is Nancy D. on Abingtonn
December 2012 Winner is Patricia M. of Hanover
November 2012 Winner is Stephen P. of Kingston
October 2012 Winner is David W. of Hanover, MA
September 2012 Winner is Robert of Hanson
August 2012 Winner is Rosemary C. of Abington
July 2012 Winner is Janet C. of Abington
June 2012 Winner is Mary Lou of Abington
May 2012 Winner is Merri of Abington
April 2012 Winner is Janice of W. Bridgewater
March 2012 Winner is Michael F. of Marshfield
Feb 2012 Winner is Rich of Abington
January 2012 winner is Bob of Hanson
Dec. 2011 winner Marty of Abington
Nov. 2011 winner Peter of Halifax
October 2011 Kimberly H. of Abington
September 2011 Kim W. of Abington
August 2011 Winner is Joe D. of Braintree
July 2011 Winner is Ellen of Brockton
June 2011 Patti of Rockland
May 2011 Steve of Abington
April 2011 Karen of Whitman
March 2011 Paul of E. Bridgewater
February 2011 Winner is Billy of Hanover!!
January 2011 Winner is Susan from Weymouth !!
December 2010 Charlene of Abington
November 2010 Paula M. of Boston !!
October 2010 Stephen H. of Brockton
September 2010 Winner is Mary S. from Brockton !!
August 2010 Winner is Kenny L. of Bridgewater !!
July 2010 winner is David and Lori from Abington
June 2010 Winner is Carol from W. Weymouth
May 2010 Winner is Bob from Abington
April 2010 Winner is Kevin from Whitman
February 2010 Winner is Maureen of Abington!!
January 2010 Winner is Pat from Stoughton!!
December 2009 Winner is Steve of Halifax!!
November 2009 Winner is Kathy of Weymouth!!
October 2009 Winner is Bill of W. Bridgewater!!
September 2009 Winner is Chris of Braintree!!
August 209 Winner is Mark of Abington!!
July 2009 Winner is John of Brockton!!
June 2009 Winner is Sue of Bridgewater!!
May 2009 Winner is Mary Jo of Pembroke!!
April 2009 Winner is Cheryl of Rockland!!
March 2009 Winner is Jessica of Randolph!!
February 2009 Winner is Susan of Hanson!!
January 2009 Winner is Mark from Hull, MA!!
December 2008 Winner is Leslie of Whitman, MA!!
November 2008 Winner is Maureen of Abington!!
October 2008 Winner is Charlene of Abington!!
September 2008 Winner is Debbie of Pembroke!!